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Nearby Palau

Graceful and very cured town, Palau’s town has known a very remarkable economic development, and acquired a sure notoriety in tourist field. Thanks to many festivals that take place from June to September in the outdoor performance spaces and its closeness to famous places such as Costa Smeralda, Palau is nowadays one of the most famous tourist resort and a great destination for a thoroughly relaxing time. If you fancy a little shopping, Palau is small but perfectly adequate. Regular shops are mixed in with shops selling tasteful souvenirs.

There are many beaches easy to reach. The best ones are: Sciumara, which is equipped of a wide parking, deckchair and boats chartering service and a little snack bar; Porto Pollo (named Isola dei Gabbiani) that is a white sand strip, loved by many tourists, above all lovers of windsurf.

From Palau it is always possible to go to La Maddalena by ferry (it takes just 15 minutes). La Maddalena is situated in the Straits of Bonifacio between Italian Sardinia and French Corsica. It’s the largest of the seven islands which make up the Archipelago della Maddalena.

The island is also the only one inhabited center of the Archipelago (which is renowned for its sandy beaches). One of the best ways to see the other islands is by boat. Spargi, Budelli (with its pink beach, La Spiaggia Rosa), and Santa Maria all offer great scenery and a place for a quiet dip. In a short walk for the ways of the town center, various particular buildings can be noticed, S. Maria Maddalena’s Cathedral (XVIII century) and the evocative Cala Gavetta, which is a magnificent natural harbour.

The only other inhabited island is Caprera. It was the home and is the final resting place of Italy’s most brilliant soldier, Giuseppe Garibaldi, his former home is now a museum. The water surrounding the island is some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean.

Best time to go
Spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November). During these seasons, the scenery is beautiful, the temperatures are pleasant and there are relatively few crowds.