COVID-19 notice Hotel La vecchia Fonte

Hotel in Palau, Sardinien

COVID-19 notice

Today more than ever, your well-being and comfort are particularly important to us.

In compliance with the provisions of the national and international health authorities (WHO), we have adopted Protocols to protect the health of our guests and of our staff:

Web check-in

In order to grant a safe and relaxing arrival at the hotel we have add the possibility to check in online in advance directly at home.

Your cooperation is important

We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in the common areas and we kindly ask you to use them frequently.

We ask you to wear face masks when you are in the common areas.

We invite you to maintain a distance of 1 meter from other people and to keep attention to the signals placed throughout the hotel.

Cleaning and sanitation of all hotel areas

Our already high standards of cleanliness and hygiene have been further raised.
At each departure, the room and the bathroom are completely sanitized and aired.

More frequent cleaning of air conditioning system

Both the inflow of external air, and the frequency of cleaning the filters with the use of suitable disinfectant products have been maximized.

Safety equipment for guests and hotel staff

To guarantee a high level of safety, specific PPE equipment has been provided for both hotel staff (depending on the tasks performed) and for guests, such as alcohol-based gel dispensers, available in some areas of the hotel, for hand sanitization.

Reorganization of common areas

On the basis of the rules of social distancing defined by the Prime Ministerial Decree and by the regional ordinances, the common areas have been reorganized to guarantee guests and staff an adequate level of security.
Special signs have been prepared to help guests keep a distance of 1 meter between each other, to follow the anti-contagion rules.

Staff training

We have informed and trained our staff on the new procedures, service standards and equipment required by the Security Protocol. Our staff is ready to support guests and to make them feel protected and safe in our hotel, thanks to their preparation, passion and attitude towards hospitality.

Involvement of our suppliers-partners

Our suppliers and our outsourcing partners have been informed about the new guidelines adopted for the safety of guests and staff. We will ensure that everyone follows them scrupulously.